Bank of Valletta – Energy Efficiency Partner Initiative


BOVEnergy Efficiency Partner Initiative – Bank of Valletta

Bank of Valletta, one of Malta’s leading banks invested heavily in initiatives aimed at reducing the company’s energy consumption, leading to the company being more competitive whilst reducing its impact on the environment.

For this reason, the bank joined the Energy and Water Agency’s Energy Efficiency Partner Initiative, where through this collaboration, a number of energy efficient measures have been implemented throughout the bank’s branches and facilities.

Among the number of actions taken within the bank in order to reduce its energy consumption, BOV implemented a free cooling system, that recycles most of its generated cold air, together with external air. This measure alone has resulted in hundreds of thousands of kilowatts in savings in just the first three months. Apart from reducing costs for the company, such measure resulted in financial savings as well.

Another measure that the company took on in its efforts to reduce its impact on the environment was the replacement of existing lighting with energy efficient lighting equipped with sensors that automatically switch off offices that remained switched on.

Bank of Valletta is one of the many success stories of the Energy Efficiency Partner Initiative (EEPI) with great energy savings leading to lower costs for the companies and a greater environmental benefits.

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