Actavis Malta – Energy Efficiency Partner Initiative


Actavis Malta Energy Efficiency Partner Initiative – Actavis

Actavis Malta through Teva Pharmaceuticals joined the Energy Efficiency Partner Initiative, with the aim to analyse their energy consumption and through conscious efforts and interventions, improve their performance to increase energy efficiency and therefore reduce the impact on the environment.

The voluntary initiative managed by the Energy and Water Agency aims to help industry make these efforts to actively reduce their energy consumption.

In the case of Actavis Malta, energy efficiency is considered a strategic priority; which is ingrained in the design and implementation phases of their projects and sustained through ongoing maintenance routines. The innovative use of thermography inspections to locate faulty steam traps within our plant is one such example. Such inspections allow the company to repair and replace steam traps, resulting in a reduction in water loss and lower fuel consumption.

Through the Energy Efficiency Partner Initiative managed by the Energy and Water Agency, Teva endeavours to achieve high-energy efficiency levels within its facilities in Malta, and strives to design and install the best available and even innovative technology where possible. As a company, Teva aims to maintain its environmental commitment by continuing to increasing its efforts to address energy efficiency.

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