Early Leak Detection for VOs

The Energy & Water Agency recognises the pressing issues that arise with Water Leakage. To tackle this occurrence, EWA is pleased to announce an initiative which enables Voluntary Organisations to install a water leak detecting setup. The installation is to be set up in conjunction to the buildings water tank and this will be used to detect changes in flow that leads to amenities that are used. Savings related to resource and costs are the main goal for this initiative, therefore enabling Voluntary Organisations to carry out their everyday operation more sustainable in addition to sparing unnecessary expenses.

The scope of this scheme is for The Voluntary Organisations to make use of this installation to detect any early-stage leaks and also be made aware that action needs to be taken. Units available for this scheme are limited therefore it will be available until stock is exhausted. This call is applicable to Voluntary Organisations with all relevant documents related to the scheme being available online. The corresponding rules of participation can be found at the bottom of this page.

Applications are to be sent to scheme.vo@gov.mt  between the following dates: 15th July  2024 to 13th September 2024.

The application form that can be found below, submission of the application does not guarantee the installation as it subject to availability of installations. 

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