The Energy & Water Agency and the Malta Business Bureau have announced a new service that delivers advice to businesses aiming to become more energy efficient and invest in renewable energy sources. This free service is open to all businesses in hospitality, agri-foods manufacturing and logistics, and will be delivered as part of a wider European Commission funded project, titled REEValue which focuses on the food, beverage and transport industries.

EU-funded projects offer the opportunity for businesses to cut both costs as well as carbon emissions, while making them more competitive. The services provided by the REEValue project take one step further than that, by bringing in the value chain perspective, reducing emissions not only at the point of production but across the supply chain.

REEValue is dedicated to achieving emissions reductions by fostering collaborations among value chains in specific classifications of economic activities within the food, beverage, and transport sectors. The project aims to identify and implement energy efficiency and renewable energy sources opportunities as one of its outputs.

This new free service will assist businesses identify relevant funding opportunities and provide energy recommendations while also supporting them through workshops and one-to-one advisory services. Businesses often struggle with the burden and bureaucracy of lengthy funding applications. The project’s aim is therefore to simplify the process for businesses. There is a huge opportunity through this project to achieve savings, future-proof businesses and meet a growing customer expectation for more climate-aware business models.

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