The industry, academia, banking institutions, several government entities and other major stakeholders have come together to discuss decarbonization as part of this year’s National Energy Conference 2023. For the second year running, the Energy and Water Agency together with the Institute for Sustainable Energy at the University of Malta have organised this anticipated conference, with the theme for this edition revolving around decarbonization and the industry.

Local and international keynote speakers shared their experiences in this field, including Prof. Jaquelin Cochran, Director at the Grid Planning and Analysis Centre at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory at the United States, as well as Mr. Nikolaos Kontinakis from the Energy Efficiency Unit at the European Commission.

Increased investment in renewables and a greater emphasis on energy efficiency are essential elements in Malta’s plan for a decarbonised future, while protecting families and businesses from future energy market volatility.

Minister for the Environment, Energy and Enterprise Miriam Dalli highlighted the close correlation between green energy and energy efficiency and the affordability and sustainability of the energy sector in Malta during the 2023 National Energy Conference organised by the Energy and Water Agency (EWA) and University of Malta’s Institute for Sustainable Energy, on Wednesday morning.  

Minister Dalli explained that Malta’s industry and households are already highly electrified, while certain sectors, such as road transport, are becoming increasingly dependent on electricity as well. It is important to ensure that the country’s electricity supply becomes even more green.

Businesses also need to invest in energy efficiency. “Several energy efficiency measures have short payback periods and provide long term benefits. Such actions need to go hand in hand with measures supporting renewable energy to optimise the cost efficiency of the energy transition,” the Minister added.

Energy and Water Agency CEO, Manuel Sapiano stressed the importance of these events that help in strengthening the process of the Agency to build a robust information base to then lead to an informed policy development. Prof Valerie Sollars, Pro Rector for Strategic Planning and Sustainability at the University of Malta, also addressed the conference and stressed the importance that the industry keeps in mind the sustainable development goals particularly number 9 which deals with industry, innovation and infrastructure.

During the first session, a panel composed of leading banks, advisory bodies and programme managers explained the current global drive towards financing industries towards decarbonisation and the various opportunities for support.

The following session delved into more practical solutions and through the interventions in the panel discussions, local companies showed how they are leading the field in decarbonisation. Crane Currency and Corinthia Group shared knowledge and experiences as well as their challenges on the subject. Malta Enterprise and the Malta Chamber also participated in the Conference, and explained the various local incentives which are available for innovative companies to promote investment and expansion.

In a final session, the University of Malta’s Institute for Sustainable Energy and the Stakeholder Support Unit within the Energy and Water Agency gave an overview of recent research and innovation developments in the energy sector, with case studies from different business sectors.

Detailed list of speakers, photos and further information on the conference can be found here.

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