Energy, Water and Sustainable Solutions: Maximising our Resources – Sustainability Networking Conference

The Energy and Water Agency (EWA) will be hosting a Networking Conference entitled Energy, Water, and Sustainable Solutions, which will focus on four main themes:
identifying challenges encountered in the workplace, exploring opportunities for implementing sustainable measures in business, showcasing solutions through case studies of successful sustainable models, and envisioning the future of sustainability.

The conference will feature presentations from both foreign and local speakers, with a panel discussion facilitating questions and discussions on potential sustainable solutions for workplaces. The final part of the conference shall be dedicated to a structured networking session.

During the conference, the objective for Action C.4 of the LIFE Project will be discussed, to raise awareness about the scarcity of natural water resources in Malta and promote sustainability and sustainable solutions to instigate behavioural change among younger generations and the public.

The sustainability training project aims to provide a service to the Corporate and Government sector, by creating a positive impact in the workplace by raising awareness of their role in sustainability. Additionally, the course promotes employee well- being while offering ideas on sustainability solutions to foster behavioural change across the work force sector. This marks the 6 th  year of the Energy and Water Agency running this project.

The Sustainability Networking Conference will take place at The Palace Hotel in Sliema on June 27 th  between 9am and 3pm. We look forward to your participation. This conference is organised as part of Action C.4 of the LIFE16 IPE MT000008 Project.

This action focuses on developing and implementing a water educational program aimed at raising awareness among the younger generations of the Maltese islands, particularly school children and adults in the corporate world, regarding the scarcity of natural water resources and promoting sustainability and sustainable solutions to effect behavioural change.

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