The European Energy Network is carrying out a consumer survey on the impact of labeling of products and fixtures like taps and showers on water and energy-saving choices. The results will inform policymaking in European Energy Network member countries and for the European Commission. Preliminary results will be presented on August 23rd at an online session at World Water Week 2022.

In order to guarantee that water labeling schemes have a similar impact to the European energy label, contributing to drive the market to develop more efficient products and the consumer to select products based on water efficiency, it is important to engage both the industry and the consumers.

As the Unified Water Label – the European water efficiency labeling scheme for sanitary products – was promoted by the Unified Water Label Association alongside with industry stakeholders, the industry receptivity is safeguarded.

To ensure consumer responsiveness to water labeling schemes for products and fixtures, it is crucial to understand users’ needs regarding water-energy efficient products/services and to identify bottlenecks, barriers, and solutions.

Aiming to provide input to the discussion within the European Commission (EC) and industry stakeholders about the mandatory option through the EU energy label and the voluntary option through the agreement between industry and EC, the European Energy Network (EnR) developed a survey on the “European population’s perception of products and fixtures labeling schemes”. The survey is available in  Maltese and English and can be found in other languages on the EnR website.

This survey is being developed within the Water-Energy Nexus task force of the European Energy Network. Find out more at EnR website.

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