Project Description

The ConsumeLess Plus project, titled “A model for resilient destinations toward tourism recovery: Less is more,” commenced in June 2021 and concluded in June 2022. Supported by Interreg Mediterranean, this initiative had a budget of €399,975.00, with 85% co-financed by ERDF and IPA funds. Building upon the achievements of the ConsumeLess Project, which closed in 2019, this endeavor was aimed at fostering sustainable tourism practices across the Mediterranean.

Led by the Energy and Water Agency, the project engaged five other partners, including Ambiente Italia Srl, Larnaca-Famagusta District Development Agency, Institute of Agriculture and Tourism, Municipality of Kotor, and Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Nice Côte d’Azur. Through this collaboration, the project sought to transfer a proven model to four new partners in Croatia, Montenegro, France, and Cyprus, leveraging insights gained from previous endeavors and employing a robust marketing strategy.


  • Transfer a sustainable tourism model to four new Mediterranean regions.
  • Promote sustainable practices integrating environmental, social, and economic concerns.
  • Establish Local Committees to foster collaboration between public and private stakeholders.
  • Engage tourism facilities in adopting sustainable practices.
  • Enhance the marketing strategy to promote ConsumeLess destinations.

Project Outcome

The ConsumeLess Plus project yielded significant outcomes in promoting sustainable tourism across the Mediterranean. By transferring a well-structured model to new partners, the initiative facilitated the integration of environmental, social, and economic considerations into the tourism sector. Through the establishment of Local Committees, public and private actors collaborated to minimize resource use and waste production while preserving ecosystem services and supporting local communities.

Moreover, the project’s marketing strategy successfully reached a wide audience, highlighting the benefits of ConsumeLess destinations. Hundreds of thousands of individuals across Europe were engaged, laying the groundwork for sustainable tourism practices. The project’s tailor-made web platform served as a tourist hub, providing valuable information on committed facilities, promoted destinations, and guidance on becoming ConsumeLess supporters and travellers.

Project Duration

Starting date: June 2021

End Date: June 2022

Total Duration: 13 Months

Budget Allocated: € 399,975.00 between 5 project partners.

Energy and Water Agency (Malta): € 82,400.00

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