The Objective of ConsumeLess Plus (financed under the Interreg Med Program), is to enhance the sustainability of tourism in the Northern Mediterranean Area. Becoming a ConsumeLess destination means that you are part of a Mediterranean community that values natural resources, ecosystem services and cultural heritage. ConsumeLess Plus aims to contribute to the urgent Mediterranean debate on tourism recovery and assist the Mediterranean region rebuild its destinations by encouraging SMEs to innovate and invest in sustainable principles.

The project is hosting an Atypical event on the 7th of March between 15:00 & 18:00. The aim of the event is to explore and envision what it takes to open up new future perspectives of inclusive and sustainable touristic development through stories of locally created experiences and destinations that are investing in new technologies and attracting new emerging targets to contribute to the recovery journey. The event is organized by Ambiente Italia and Energy Water Agency of Malta in the contest of  the project Consumeless Plus, in synergy with all the other partners.

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