The Energy and Water Agency organised a conference aimed at supporting the corporate sector through energy, water and sustainable solutions. It has brought together speakers from different sectors to assist businesses in different fields such as access to financing, sustainability, and climate change impact.

This conference brought together years of work in this field by the Energy and Water Agency, whereby over 30 sustainability training courses took place. These courses were aimed at the corporate sector, with more than 44 different enterprises taking part.

In her address, the Minister for the Environment, Energy and Enterprise Miriam Dalli spoke of the importance of these initiatives which target different sectors, such as hospitality, banking and finance, manufacturing and micro-SMEs which in turn lead to driving employees towards better practices, both in their daily lives and the company’s operations.

EWA Chief Executive Officer Manuel Sapiano highlighted the Agency’s efforts when it comes to education in sustainability, with specific programmes tailor made for younger audiences and other outreach programmes such as these training courses aimed at the corporate sector and various other audiences.

The conference also brought together foreign speakers from the Nottingham Trent University who offered practical examples, case studies and insights from the Sustainability in Enterprise Programme being carried out in the UK with significant benefits for the participating enterprises.

During the sustainability training courses for the corporate sector, which started over 4 years ago, ideas on sustainability solutions are offered in different aspects of the business and employees’ lives while creating a positive impact on businesses by raising awareness on their role in sustainability and towards a better social and economic dynamic, promoting equality and developing a fairer and more inclusive labour market.

These training courses and the discussion revolving around them have created a positive impact on businesses as they raise awareness on their role in sustainability. This would lead to instilling a behavioural change across the corporate sector, targeting decarbonisation by 2050.

The sustainability training courses are organised continuously by the Energy and Water Agency and further information can be found on the Agency’s website.

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