Project Description

The Clepsydra Project aims to improve the monitoring of underground water sources. Currently, existing methods are not very effective. Clepsydra plans to use smart technology to better understand the data collected, which will benefit professionals working in water management and agriculture. By collaborating with various stakeholders, Clepsydra hopes to ensure that water resources are managed efficiently. Ultimately, this project will empower decision-makers to make informed choices about water usage, benefiting both the environment and society.


  • Designing and implementing innovative technologies for hydrogeological data collection and analysis.
  • Conducting extensive testing and validation of the smart monitoring system in real-world pilot sites across Mediterranean countries.
  • Creating a tailored DSS to interpret hydrogeological data effectively for informed decision-making, particularly in agriculture.
  • Enhancing existing aquifer monitoring networks by integrating advanced techniques to provide comprehensive data on aquifer behavior.
  • Initiating awareness campaigns to educate civil society about aquifer significance and sustainable water management practices.

Project Outcome

The project focuses on boosting collaboration and capabilities among stakeholders in the 4helix sector, aiming to produce significant results. It involves 9 partners from 6 Mediterranean countries (Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Malta, and Greece), including public authorities, academia, agriculture, groundwater users, and a water cluster, making its impact widespread.

In the pilot sites, the Clepsydra Project is utilizing the innovative Decision Support System (DSS) and integrating it with improved groundwater monitoring practices. By involving 4helix stakeholders throughout the project, the initiative is fostering public-private partnerships, bringing in end-users and the private sector to strengthen monitoring networks.

Project Duration

Starting date: January

End Date:  September 2026

Total Duration: 33 Months

Budget Allocated: € 2,598,650.10 between 9 project partners.

 EU Funding: €2,078,920.08 (80%)

Energy and Water Agency (Malta): € 305,619.80

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