Project Description

The CARDIMED project aims to catalyse systemic transformations towards climate resilience in the Mediterranean (MED) region by integrating nature-based solutions (NBS) and digital innovations. The project acknowledges the unique challenges posed by the MED’s biodiversity, cultural diversity, and vulnerability to climate change. It seeks to establish a nature-positive economy and foster a climate-resilient society through green and digital innovations.


CARDIMED aims to introduce a comprehensive framework for building climate resilience in the Mediterranean biogeographical region. This framework will efficiently unite the efforts of various regions and communities across different countries and continents. The project will achieve this by:

  • Deploying Digital Infrastructure: Implementing digital infrastructure to streamline data collection and evaluation processes, ensuring open access to data for all stakeholders involved in the Nature-based Solutions (NBS) value chain.
  • Integrating Crucial Functions: Integrating essential functions for climate resilience, including smart digital tools for citizen participation and capacity building, alongside a robust multi-stakeholder engagement strategy focused on knowledge translation and impact pathways.
  • Introducing Holistic Modelling Tools: Implementing holistic modeling tools based on the Water-Energy-Food-Ecosystems (WEFE) Nexus approach to provide comprehensive knowledge on the complex interfaces of NBS. These tools will decisively contribute to addressing socio-ecological challenges, as well as issues related to valuation and low investment rates in NBS.

Project Outcome

The successful implementation of CARDIMED is expected to result in several key outcomes:

  1. Systemic Transformation: By integrating NBS and circular economy principles, CARDIMED seeks to instigate systemic transformations towards climate resilience in the MED region.
  2. Demonstrators Network: The establishment of nine clusters of Demonstrators will serve as hubs for testing and demonstrating nature-based and circular solutions, facilitating their replication and upscaling.
  3. Integrated Portfolio of Solutions: CARDIMED aims to provide an integrated portfolio of solutions and approaches capable of generating region-wide impacts across urban, peri-urban, and rural areas.
  4. Mainstreaming NBS: By 2030, the CARDIMED framework is projected to connect over 28 MED regions and 70 communities, effectively mainstreaming NBS in building systemic resilience.
  5. Addressing Barriers: The project will address documented barriers to widespread NBS application, including economic and investment dimensions, to ensure successful implementation and scalability.

Project Duration:

Starting date: September 2023

End Date: March 2028

Total Duration: 54 Months

Budget Allocated: €20,806,271.44 between 51 project partners.

Energy and Water Agency (Malta): €131,500.00


External Website: In development

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