The Energy and Water Agency has organized an informative seminar for non-SME representatives to discuss Malta’s business strategy regarding energy efficiency. The event, which was part of the Energy Efficiency Partner Initiative (EEPI), was held at the Għajn Water Conservation Awareness Centre in Rabat.

During the seminar, which had a good level of participation, the Energy and Water Agency explained its role in the energy sector in Malta together with giving technical details regarding its schemes.

Addressing the attendees were also representatives of Malta Enterprise and the Malta Competition and Consumer Affairs Authority who addressed certain concerns and gave further information regarding investment aids for energy efficiency projects and energy management standards.

Details were also given about three financial assistance schemes, one covering up to 50% tax credits of energy efficiency investments, the other up to 65% tax credits on investments related to high-efficiency co-generation solutions and the third scheme gives tax credits up to €25,000 for enterprises to attain industry recognized certifications and quality marks.

Apart from the local speakers, internationally recognized energy auditor, Mr Richard Morrison from Ireland, was the guest speaker during the event. In his informative and highly interesting talk, he highlighted current potential in Malta’s industry and state of the art energy solutions.

Agenda for the event can be found here.

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