Investment Aid for Energy Efficiency Projects

The Energy & Water Agency has teamed up with Malta Enterprise to support businesses in projects related to energy efficiency through the Malta Enterprise Scheme ‘Investment Aid for Energy Efficiency Projects.’ Through this scheme, a cash grant or tax credit (which can be utilised against tax payable by the beneficiary) is available to businesses that:

  • Invest in the substitution or upgrading of equipment to reduce energy consumption.
  • Renovate or upgrade existing installations for heating or cooling systems.
  • Improve the energy efficiency of existing illumination systems.

All the above measures will result in energy savings and lower operational costs, which in turn will assist business recovery while allowing the enterprise to further invest in its products and services.

How do I apply?

For your business’ project to be eligible, it must entail an investment of at least €10,000 that is directly related to achieving energy savings. The scheme requires supporting justification from a competent person that the resultant estimated energy saving will amount to at least a 10% reduction in your enterprise’s overall energy consumption.

Applications are open until 31st October 2023. Approved projects must commence within six months from the date they are approved and should be completed within 36 months from the approval date.

For further information and to access the application form, are available on the Malta Enterprise website here.


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