The AQUARES (Water reuse policies advancement for resource-efficient European regions) project is part-financed by the European Union under the Interreg-Europe program. The project aims to promote water reuse technologies across the European Member States to foster an increased uptake of these technologies where these are required to ensure the sustainable use of water resources.  A series of public engagement meetings have been planned to take place during the life-time of the project to broaden the understanding of how water reuse can be developed as an additional water resource that is safe to use and reduce stress on natural freshwater resources.

This second public consultation meeting shall focus on three specific themes that promote the application of water reuse technologies and assess their applicability in the local context. These three themes are:

Theme 1: Regional and National Policies on Water Reuse and Monitoring Practices.

Theme 2: The local/regional need for water reuse. 

Theme 3: Suitable water reuse technologies and practices across different sectors.

The meeting will be held remotely and interested participants should contact the Energy and Water Agency (, in order to obtain further information together with the link for the meeting. Participants who wish to attend this public meeting are invited to also take a five-minute survey ( prior to the meeting, which will allow the participant to express his/her opinion on water reuse. The results of this survey will be used as the basis for discussion during the consultation.

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