There are currently five open calls for offers in ongoing projects managed by the GWP – Global Water Partnership, Mediterranean, including Alteraqua where the Energy and Water Agency is a main partner.

The installation of a second class water system at the St. Joseph Junior School in Sliema is one of the initiatives that form part of the Alteraqua project, with an associated call for offers for the completion of such works. This initiative continues to further promote the efficient use of water, in the different areas. With this project being in a school, the target messaging on water conservation will serve as an educational one which can be seen as a first hand for the students.

Another call for offers focuses on the production of educational material, in the form of information cards, highlighting particular points of interest within a developing walking reservoir trail. This will form part of a larger information and educational campaign to put in the spotlight the underground heritage of the islands when it comes to reservoirs and water harvesting systems. The call would target the preparation and printing of these packs.

GWP-Mediterranean works on multiple other projects in different areas in the Mediterranean, and has a number of other opportunities in the fields of smart irrigation systems, piezometer installation and solar photovoltaics, all of which with their associated offers.

The Alteraqua programme was initiated in November 2011 to help the Maltese Islands to provide a solution to water scarcity and raise awareness on sustainable methods to protect freshwater resources. The programme kicked off in Gozo and since then it went on to expand also in Malta. In January 2014 the agency was founded and as of that the agency joined as a new partner. Over a time, span of 10 years around 23 sites have received assistance through the Alter aqua Programme. The programme’s main aim is to promote Non-Conventional Water Resources as a solution to water scarcity and climate change adaptation. In fact, the programme is based on 3 pillars which are technical interventions, capacity building and youth engagement, and raising awareness and communication. The Technical aspects for Non- Conventional Water Resources applications consist of rainwater harvesting and stormwater collection and greywater recycling. Through this project per year over 1,930,000,000 Litres of water are conserved.  

Currently the programme in Malta is undergoing the regeneration of groundwater reservoirs to restore their functionality, to store rainwater which eventually will be used for several usages such as implementing an irrigation system to water plants.     

Right now, there are 5 calls with the Global Water Partnership (GWP) where one can look into for further info and register their offers in the below links: 

Call for offers 20/2024/Alter Aqua PRODUCTION & DELIVERY OF EDUCATIONAL CARDS –  Submission deadline: 14th June 2024, at 17:00h CET

Call for offers 16/2024/Alter Aqua – Phase IV: Installation of the Second-Class Water System at St. Joseph Junior School, Sliema, MaltaSubmission deadline: 12th June 2024, at 17:00h CET

Call for offers 18/2024/ACCISI GEM  – Submission deadline: 18th June 2024, at 17:00h CET 

Call for Offers (19/2024/ ACCISI GEM) – Submission deadline:  18th June 2024, at 17:00h CET 

Call for Offers (17/2024/CP2.2)Submission deadline: 18th June 2024, at 17:00h CET 

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