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Stay up-to-date on the latest news in the energy and water sectors in Malta. This is where we share information about ongoing projects, new initiatives and schemes, and more.

Fifth call is now open for the R&I in Energy and Water projects with an investment of €400,000

Fifth call launched to develop innovative projects by water and energy researchers Since 2020, 13 projects have been approved with an investment of more than €1.6 million. The Energy and Water Agency has launched its fifth call for research and innovation projects in...

5 calls for offers open for projects with the Global Water Partnership (GWP)

There are currently five open calls for offers in ongoing projects managed by the GWP - Global Water Partnership, Mediterranean, including Alteraqua where the Energy and Water Agency is a main partner. The installation of a second class water system at the St. Joseph...

Driving Energy Transition: EWA & MBB Launch REEValue to Support the Decarbonisation of Businesses

The Energy & Water Agency and the Malta Business Bureau have announced a new service that delivers advice to businesses aiming to become more energy efficient and invest in renewable energy sources. This free service is open to all businesses in hospitality,...

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Our mission at the Energy & Water Agency is to ensure the security, sustainability and affordability of energy and water in Malta.

 As an organisation of the Government of Malta, the EWA is responsible for drafting and actioning the Government’s national policies for these sectors, and abiding by EU legislation for energy and water sustainability. It is also our job to act on laws and develop policies for renewable energy, energy efficiency, water demand management, and the security of the local energy supply (for electricity, gas and water).

 At the EWA, we carry out rigorous research to forecast Malta’s energy and water demands, so that these are met sustainably across the country, with a focus on circularity.

 Our ultimate vision is to safeguard the long-term value of the energy and water sectors in Malta through resilient, environmentally sustainable and economically circular practices. In and of themselves, such practices promote the security of supply, universal affordability and the innovation of cutting-edge solutions to meet industry challenges in a sustainable manner.

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